Sunday, February 25, 2018

    OVR, A NARCOA Affiliate
Ohio Valley Railcars is an Ohio nonprofit 501(c)7 Corporation dedicated to the organization of motorcar excursions in the Ohio Valley Region, and the promotion of general rail safety involved with our activities. OVR is an affiliate of NARCOA and hosts NARCOA insured events. Membership in OVR is now included in your run registration fee. Those who wish to join as a member without attending a run can do so  with a $10 check for their membership, email the secretary for mailing information. OVR has several additions to the NARCOA base rulebook which are available off of our web site click here for the link to the rule book insert and are also mailed with the receipt of your OVR membership.

Follow this link to review OVR's excursion hosting policy

OVR Officers and Board members can be contacted via email with the below email addresses:

Brian Davis -  President
Ted Poesse - Vice President
Jaime Samuell
Alan Wilber
Dave Verzi-Secretary
Lydia Poesse - Treasurer

Mentoring : OVR  participates in the NARCOA mentoring program. If you are a new operator wishing to be mentored please contact the listed excursion coordinator.



Since 2008 the Toledo Train Day Committee with the help of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority has held Train Day Toledo yearly on the first Saturday in May. Ohio Valley Railcars has participated with Train Day Toledo each year since 2009 and we have been invited to come back again this May (for the 11th time if you’re counting).
Train Day Toledo is held in the Amtrak/Greyhound station at the Toledo Central Union Terminal now called the Martin Luther King Plaza, the last modern terminal building built by the New York Central. There are dozens of exhibits and vendors inside the Terminal building. Outside there are usually locomotives, possibly some other current railroad equipment and us, with our speeder cars. We are the only exhibit outside that actually moves. We will likely operate on a section of track about 200 yards in length, commonly called track C. In 2018 total attendance was approximately 6000, and we gave rides to about 900 folks.
Train Day Toledo is a non-Ohio Valley Railcars, non-NARCOA sponsored event. However, all operators must be NARCOA members and NARCOA insured as we will be utilizing the Part B of the NARCOA insurance plan. Maximum number of operators is 10, others may come to exhibit only. Obviously, this cannot be a mentoring event. Our operating hours will be 9:30 am to approximately 4 pm with a 30-minute lunch break about 12:30. Porta -potty just a few steps from our operating area.
There is no fee, but please let me know you are coming. I’ll need your name, car you will be bringing and e-mail address. If you have not done Train Day Toledo before please call me. My cell phone is 740-294-7328. My e-mail is I’ll send further information when I know you are participating. Many thanks!
Phil Linne, EC

Ashland Railway Excursion
Saturday, July 20, 2019.

Mansfield, Ohio will be our set-on location again this year. This will be our 8th visit to the Ashland Railway, comprised of approximately 56 round trip miles. The line is former Eire Railroad mainline and is scenic and winding. We will travel north (railroad east) through Ashland, Polk and then turn the speeders in or near West Salem. We schedule our rest and lunch break during our return trip. We will be using the off-road set-on-set-off location on the north side of Mansfield that we have used previously just off East Longview Ave. Mentoring is available with prior arrangements with the EC. Registration fee of $107. includes lunch for two per motorcar. Additional lunches are available at extra cost. Additional information will follow in confirmation letter. Questions? Contact EC Phil Linne, 740-294-7328. Please do not contact Ashland Railway.
+ NARCOA Insurance and compliance with the Rule Book and the OVR policy book is required. Ashland Railway may have additional rules for this excursion. All operators must be NARCOA certified and insured.
+ High visibility safety vests or shirts, long pants and over the ankle boots strongly suggested.
+ HyRail and large car operators new to this event please contact the coordinator prior to registering.
+ Additional details will follow in confirmation letter.
Return registration form to:
Ohio Valley Railcars c/o Phil Linne
115 West Russell Ave.
West Lafayette, OH 43845
Cell Phone_________________________________
City, State, Zip_____________________________
NARCOA Exam Certificate #_________________
NARCOA Insurance number: 19-_______ Fee (includes lunch for 2) $107.________________
_____# of extra lunches @ $9. each ____________
Ashland 7/20/2019 Total amount enclosed $________________

Ashland Railway ExcursionSaturday, September 14, 2019

In support of the Annual Willard Trainfest, Willard, Ohio, OHIO VALLEY RAILCARS will display motorcars and have a short excursion on the Ashland Railway. The trip will be on the former B & O track from Willard to Plymouth.
The Willard Trainfest is a one- day event Saturday, September 8 beginning at 10 am and running ‘til 4 pm.
They have displays all over town including in the city park, in the middle school, and in downtown streets. Shuttle buses are available to move you from place to place. OVR will display our speeders at the school like last year. You won’t even have to take your car off the trailer if you don’t want to. Jim Heffley, Willard Train Fest Chairman, has assured me that they will have the cash prizes as in past years, and everyone displaying will receive a dash plaque.
If you can come by 10 am, great. If not until a little later, that is OK too. Judging will take place sometime during the day. If you can’t arrive ‘til afternoon you are still welcome.
Around 4 pm we will move our cars to the ASHLAND RAILWAY tracks and set on, have a safety briefing, and go south as far as we can with a railway escort and return. Tow vehicle parking for the trip is just a few feet from set on.
We need 12 speeders @$30. To pay the railroad fee and the pilot’s fee.
+NARCOA Insurance and compliance with the Rule Book and the OVR policy addendum is required. Ashland Railway may have additional rules for this excursion which will be announced at the safety meeting.
+High visibility safety vests or shirts and over ankle boots required (on excursion).
+All operators must be NARCOA certified and insured. Operators and passengers must sign NARCOA waiver.
For further information contact or to register return form to:
Ohio Valley Railcars c/o Phil Linne 115 West Russell Ave. West Lafayette, OH 43845
Cell Phone_________________________________
City, State, Zip______________________________
Model of motorcar________________________
NARCOA Insurance number: 19-_______ NARCOA Exam Certificate #___________________________________
Checks payable to Ohio Valley Railcars for $30.
Willard 9/14/2019